Thursday, November 23, 2006

Timing is everything

Paying the Technical debt is very important aspect of dealing with legacy code. However, timing of it is even more important. The team estimated 2 weeks for something that normally takes 1 day to do. The re-engineering effort is considered as part of business feature making the estimates longer. I am thinking that overhaul of system effort should be separated from implementing the business valued features. Who said business should wait 2 weeks for something that they can get now! Timing is an essential ingredient of success. If gods are telling you to do something – would you do it or …
Here is a questionnaire for leaders:
* Challenge: do you question what is and what you are told?
* Decisiveness: do you make up your mind in good time?
* Speed: do you take necessary action?
* Clarity: are you clear about what you are doing and why?
* Change: are you prepared to change anything and everything that needs changing?
* Basics: do you do well all the basic things that need to be done?
* Objectives: do you have written aims for this project, next year and five years’ time?

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