Monday, December 04, 2006

Get into the zone - working from home.

AG is one of the most productive players in our current project who is working from home in the Bay area. I am not going to generalize this to a rule and say “To be productive you should work from home…” As much as I love team’s interactions on site, I also appreciate giving people a degree of freedom so that they can be creative at other places. This is a standard benefit that good teams provide and is a great way to send your employees the message that you care about them and spark creativity in them.

I can tell you, the food at home is much better than the corporate cafeteria standards. Writers, programmers, scientists, analysts and even sportsmen will tell you about being in the zone. To get in the zone you might need to do something different. People get into the zone by working from home.

People get energy when they daily routine is decorated with a pleasant event like eating with their colleagues, taking a break and working from home, which increases learning and communication. They get back to work fresh, being more productive. They also feel you care about them, making them more loyal.

If you are legislating for people to come to office all days, then you should be prepared to make their environment better than their homes.

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