Thursday, September 04, 2008

Creative pause

I am a big fan of pausing after a quick episode of getting something done. It is a good habit – you pause and interrupt the current path (if it isn’t a happy path), thus formulating thoughts about the situations that has not previously emerged in your thinking.

What if you can’t go back into the flow after a pause? Then your brain needs a nap. We are the only mammals who have consolidated our sleeping pattern into a long nightly period. My dogs are far more advanced when it comes to productivity as they follow these principles:

1. They take a nap whenever they want

2. Don’t care who is rambling, if they don’t understand – a quick nap get them back to where they can understand the rest

3. They are honest and not in the business of consolidating things

4. Have guts to admit they are mammals

5. They follow the open space principles – wherever is possible, take a nap

6. They do what they mean

7. They make me jealous

Google has a place to nap. I am wondering as to how best we can have a napping place at work. If you need a full handy tips for learning when you’re most likely benefit from a nap, read the wonderful article of Boston guide How to nap.

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