Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa can help

1. Problem -Kids watching TV too much. Parents need a method to tell their kids to limit the watching time. This is a universal problem. This problem can be outsourced to Santa to have a card which gives kids a timing budget to watch TV.
2. Gift. The old man gives a bit extra time to the kids who watch educational and sport programs and deduct time from the naughty ones.
3. Business Model. Reward can be shared with TV stations who provide scientific programs, book authors and teachers who participate.
4. Texting. Santa card works like magic on the cell phones too. Kids who participate in scientific messages get a break while others get more limitation.
5. Marketing. Santa cards can be a great and empowering presents for holidays. Other companies like toy manufacturers, candy companies, and retailers can follow the same trend to increase literacy, health and Santa’s brand awareness for mutual benefits. This is a stepping stone toward fixing education and creation of long-lasting brand awareness by working with great partners.
6. Competition. None. Unless you want to brand it differently.
7. Brand. Proven character who some people believe in. The new cards can be issued right from your chimneys.
8. Customer base. Total market of two billion children. Children who are joining will have a bright future and a wonderful team to work with.
These are the kind of problems that Santa should solve. We need to solve our future problems by educating our children first and give them a brain friendly approach to deal with distractions.

Merry Christmas!

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