Thursday, November 13, 2008

Variable pay

Wages should be paid variably every week. Every fourth week the wage is more (for example 30-50% more). Other weeks are reduced to give the same overall pay.
Consequence is that people might live on the basic wage and treat the extra amount as investment money. There might be careful planning to get a new mortgage. The fourth week wage should increase depending on the profitability of the company – and that applies to everybody and not just some people on top. People may look at their salary in two ways: 1) current expenses and 2) capital money

This could have a powerful effect on investment attitude and economy.

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yeganeh said...

Read your post,really amid dismal of economic performance,folks can not expect just rescue plans by government.Some other technics like yours should challenge this difficult time into conservation habits rather than spend.So after certain time the burden is faded. and people learn to live based on what they earn.